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Drafting a will may be good for your health

Making a will could be good for your mental health. A recent survey found almost half of people who made wills felt “peaceful” after completing the process, while others reported a boost to their feelings of confidence and empowerment. I can understand why people procrastinate when it comes to putting

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No will + wrong executor = court battle

People who die without a will could be sowing the seeds of a wasteful court battle over their estate, as the family of an Ontario man recently discovered.  When Bernold Summers – the deceased in a recent case concerning his estate – died without drafting a will, he gave up

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Handwritten will declared invalid by Ontario judge

Just because the law allows for a testator to hand-write their own will does not make it a good idea, as a recent court decision shows. Like laws in other jurisdictions, Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act has long provided for the recognition of unwitnessed documents known as Holograph Wills. However,

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Ontario falling behind on digital assets legislation

Ontario is playing catch-up as other Canadian jurisdictions lead the way on digital assets legislation.  More and more of our lives are being lived online, but many testators are still prone to forgetting this new class of property when drafting a will. For the friends and family left behind, it

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