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Young Canadians embrace will-making in Covid times

The Covid pandemic seems to have spurred young Canadian adults into action when it comes to their estate plans.   A recent survey found that more people in this country have wills in place compared with five years ago, a result that is probably influenced by the ongoing public health crisis,

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When to update your will

Getting a will in place is the biggest step you can take towards ensuring your wishes are carried out after your passing, but it shouldn’t be the last.  If you’ve executed a will, then you’re in a better position than more than half of your fellow Canadians, who risk leaving

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Altering your will without sparking a legal fight

The first draft of your will is rarely your last one, and nor should it be. With the passage of time, not only will you change, but the people around you will too. As relationships evolve, inevitably you feel differently about which of your beneficiaries is most deserving or in

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Disinheritance easier in Ontario, but not always advisable

Disinheriting your adult children is harder than it looks…at least if you live in British Columbia.  In a recent ruling, a Supreme Court of B.C. judge granted a man’s estranged children 70 per cent of his $1-million estate, despite the fact his will specifically instructed they were to get nothing. 

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Sibling executors revive old rivalries

There’s nothing like the death of a parent to connect adults with their inner child. While some siblings come closer together in their shared grief, I find that that they’re almost as likely to drive each other apart as old rivalries and long-buried resentments return to the surface, which is

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Preparing your executor for the job

Not everyone is cut out to be the executor for an estate, so it’s best to make sure your choice knows what they’re letting themselves in for ahead of time. Testators typically have a fairly small roster of people close and trustworthy enough to even consider for such an important

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