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Lost will forces family to go to court for probate

Drafting your will is just the first step in the estate planning process.  The second, (often-overlooked) stage involves keeping the will safe and available until the time comes for it to go into effect. In one recent B.C. case, the family of a B.C. man had to turn to the courts

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Overcoming taboos with advance care planning

Advance care planning can help people break the silence around end-of-life care.   While societal attitudes towards sex and money have relaxed in the last few decades, there’s an argument to be made that death and end-of-life care are among the most pervasive taboos of our time.  Statistics quoted by the Canadian Association

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Rare POA theft charge highlights potential for abuse

The recent arrest of a Thunder Bay man shows there are limits to the authority granted by a power of attorney for property.   The ease and speed with which POAs can be drawn up place them easily among the most underrated instruments in the legal world, considering how critical they can become

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$1.9-million estate goes unclaimed in B.C.

Normally when I write about a multi-million-dollar estate, it’s in the context of an ugly fight between the beneficiaries of a wealthy person that has made the news or ended up in court.  However, the B.C. Unclaimed Property Society  recently made a different kind of news when it announced that

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Drafting a will may be good for your health

Making a will could be good for your mental health. A recent survey found almost half of people who made wills felt “peaceful” after completing the process, while others reported a boost to their feelings of confidence and empowerment. I can understand why people procrastinate when it comes to putting

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