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Automatic revocation of wills not all bad for newly married spouses

The provincial government should think twice before ending the automatic revocation of wills on marriage. The Law Times reports that Attorney General Doug Downey is considering scrapping s. 16 of the Succession Law Reform Act, a provision that makes Ontario one of only a few jurisdictions in which marriage automatically

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When can I challenge a will?

Will challenges are not as easy as they look. U.K. news outlet The Independent reported on a study by a life insurance provider that found one in every five Britons, or more than 12 million people, would challenge a family member’s will if they were unhappy with their inheritance.

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Appointing multiple trustees can add up to trouble

One estate trustee is quite enough for testators drafting a will. I’ve written before about the importance of picking the right person to administer your estate, and this is one area where there is no strength in numbers. Considering what a tough job the estate trustee has, I can understand

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Don’t leave your will to the last minute

There is no such thing as a last-minute deal when it comes to making a will. In fact, the only bonus an estate planning latecomer can expect is an extra dose of heartache and hassle for themselves and their loved ones. More than half of Canadians are reported to have

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