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DIY will ends up in court

We all like to save money here and there, but a do-it-yourself will is one low-cost option that hardly ever pays off in the long run.   Will kits have long been a staple at stationers across the country, but they are just as bad an idea in their more modern guise

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Ontario’s strict probate rules require a responsible executor

Ontario’s rigorous probate compliance regime makes the selection of an appropriate trustee more crucial than ever. Since 2015, part of an executor’s duty in this province is to file an Estate Information Return (EIRs) within 180 days of getting a probate certificate, which discloses to the Ministry of Finance a

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Judicial disagreement calls for extra detail in wills

A recent judicial disagreement over beneficiary designations makes the case for extra detail and clarity in a will.  Earlier last year, in a case known as Mak (Estate) v. Mak, a judge was asked to rule in a fight between a brother and the rest of his siblings over the

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Little joy in Bob Ross’ estate battle

Anyone who has ever seen The Joy of Painting will understand why Bob Ross remains a cult hero to many.   Although the PBS show only ran between 1983 and 1994 – when Ross died at the age of just 52 – it has lived on in the public imagination in

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