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Stepfamily growth calls for estate planning action

Estate planning should be a priority for Canada’s growing stepfamily population.  With more and more people finding relationship success at the second or third attempt and welcoming their children into fresh unions with married or common-law spouses, it seems as though the modern Canadian family unit has changed beyond recognition over

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Will ambiguity fuels estate litigation between siblings

Testamentary ambiguity is often the spark that ignites a court battle after the death of a loved one.  Across the province, courthouse case lists are full of feuding relatives who have seized on inaccuracy or vagueness in the deceased’s will to challenge the inheritances left to their fellow beneficiaries.   In

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Pre-death will challenge is premature

In my long career in estates law, I have learned to spot which wills are most likely to end up in court after the testator’s death.   Wills governing larger value estates are often candidates for future litigation, but the truth is you don’t need to be rich for your

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Age no barrier to a dependant’s support claim from children

When it comes to your estate, your kids don’t need to be minor to be dependants.   Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act allows dependants of the deceased to make a claim against the estate if they are inadequately provided for in the will. Typically, these cases are brought by a spouse who was

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