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Complex estates may call for a corporate executor

Testators with complex or contentious estates should think about appointing a corporateexecutor. Trust companies are certainly a more expensive option: you can expect them to charge a fee ofas much as five per cent of all assets that flow through the estate, compared with a trustedfriend or family member who

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Mailbox real estate offers flatter to deceive

Think twice before responding to a mailbox offer for your home.  If you’ve ever received one of these unsolicited bids, which often come in the form of handwritten notes decorated with dollar signs, you should comfort yourself in the knowledge that you live in an area that’s in high demand. 

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Bill C-208 boosts family business succession planning

Keeping your small business in the family just got a lot more attractive after the passage of recent tax law amendments. Bill C-208, one of the rare private member’s bills to make it onto the statute books, changes the treatment of intergenerational share transfers for small businesses, family farms or

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Estate planning for NFTs and other digital assets

You know that a tech trend has gone mainstream when it makes it onto Saturday Night Live.  Earlier this year, the long-running comedy show tackled non-fungible tokens via the medium of rap parody with an Eminem style song that explained how these digital assets verify their uniqueness via blockchain transactions

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Blended families add complexity to estate planning

Keeping your beneficiary designations up to date can save your heirs time and money. Although they’re often forgotten by testators, the beneficiary designations on things like RRSPs, life insurance policies and Tax-Free Savings Accounts, are a critical part of any estate plan.  First of all, naming someone to receive the

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