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Beware the Canada Revenue Agency when flipping houses

The Canada Revenue Agency could be watching when you flip your home, especially if it happens too often. If you’re lucky enough to get hold of some of the province’s scarce lumber and building supplies this summer, there has rarely been a better time to renovate and sell your home,

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Tread carefully when selling a house with a tenant

Putting your house on the market can be trying at the best of times, but stress levels step up a notch when the property you’re selling is occupied by a tenant. In my experience, you can predict how rocky or smooth a sale involving a leased home will be based on the

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Protect yourself from title fraud

Many of us have been – or at least know – victims of car theft or jewellery theft…but what about house theft?  It might sound a bit outlandish, but title fraud is not unknown in Ontario, while police on Vancouver Island recently warned residents to be on guard against scammers using fake passports

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Estate law changes on the way

Big changes could be on the way for Ontario’s estate laws if the provincial government gets its way. The Ford administration recently introduced Bill 245 the Accelerating Access to Justice Act at Queen’s Park.

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Small estate changes a small step in the right direction

Probate just got a little easier for some small estates.  The provincial government recently announced that it would raise the limit for those considered “small estates” from $50,000 to $150,000.   “Right now, the process to apply to manage an estate in Ontario is the same, whether the estate is worth

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Improving reverse mortgage products a good option for seniors

Reverse mortgages are growing in popularity as the quality of the products available improves.  Better Dwelling, a news outlet covering the housing market, reports that reverse mortgage debt has spiked in Canada over the last couple of years, with Canadians owing around $4.3 billion in total to regulated financial institutions

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