Eliminate joint-account confusion to avoid estate litigation

Parents could be sowing the seeds of a future estate battle when they set up a joint bank account with a child. There are good estate planning reasons for owning property jointly with a beneficiary – it can be an effective way to transfer funds while avoiding the 1.5 per-cent probate tax otherwise payable [...]

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Take care when selecting an executor

Administering an estate is no cakewalk, so make sure your choice for executor knows what they’re getting themselves into ahead of time. There is no doubt that the responsibility associated with the position of estate trustee calls for the appointment of someone you know well and trust implicitly. But there’s no point in selecting someone who lacks [...]

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Blended families complicate estate planning

You already know that dying without a will is the safest way to ensure that you have absolutely no options whatsoever as to how your estate is to be divided. (And if you really didn’t know that, then read about what happens when you die without a will before reading on.) However, depending on your [...]

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What are the duties of an executor?

Being appointed executor of an estate is a big job. While the official definition of the role sounds fairly straight-forward — gather up the estate assets, pay the deceased’s debts and divide what remains of the deceased’s estate among beneficiaries — the actual effort involved in these three tasks is far greater than it sounds. [...]

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Choose the right executor for your estate

One of the many important decisions you need to make when making a will is choosing an executor for your estate. This is the person who will wind up your affairs. Choosing poorly may not only affect the distribution of your life savings but may also affect your family’s well-being after you are gone. The [...]

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Professional advice key when leaving gifts to charity

Testators should seek professional advice before leaving gifts to charity, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo tells AdvocateDaily.com. “Before you do anything, I would recommend consulting a good accountant who understands tax and estate planning, and also to make sure you have a lawyer who can help you carry out your plan,” says Laredo, [...]

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