12 Reasons to get a Will and Power of Attorney

On the first day of Christmas, your favourite lawyer gave to you 12 reasons to get a Will and POA:  It’s never been easier: During the pandemic, Wills can even be witnessed online.  Take control: You decide who gets your property…and who doesn’t! Otherwise, it’s essentially the government who decides, via Ontario’s Succession Law Reform [...]

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Bring big-city mindset to rural real estate deals

Don’t skimp on your legal due diligence when buying your dream home in the country.  Homebuyers have always known that they can get a much bigger bang for their buck the further they’re prepared to travel from the city.  But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic appears to have spurred more Torontonians to actually follow through and purchase property [...]

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POAs are inexpensive but vitally important

A power of attorney is by far the most underrated instrument in the legal world. There are few documents a lawyer can draw up less expensively, and even fewer that end up being more critical in a client’s life. The only problem I find with POAs is that people don’t realize how much they [...]

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Eliminate joint-account confusion to avoid estate litigation

Parents could be sowing the seeds of a future estate battle when they set up a joint bank account with a child. There are good estate planning reasons for owning property jointly with a beneficiary – it can be an effective way to transfer funds while avoiding the 1.5 per-cent probate tax otherwise payable [...]

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Take care when selecting an executor

Administering an estate is no cakewalk, so make sure your choice for executor knows what they’re getting themselves into ahead of time. There is no doubt that the responsibility associated with the position of estate trustee calls for the appointment of someone you know well and trust implicitly. But there’s no point in selecting someone who lacks [...]

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Automatic revocation of wills not all bad for newly married spouses

The provincial government should think twice before ending the automatic revocation of wills on marriage.The Law Times reports that Attorney General Doug Downey is considering scrapping s. 16 of the Succession Law Reform Act, a provision that makes Ontario one of only a few jurisdictions in which marriage automatically revokes any will that either spouse [...]

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Money drives people crazy, but a will can take the edge off

In estates law, there is still not doubt why people say, “money is the root of all evil.”I’ve noticed that you never have to wait too long after the death of a celebrity to hear about the unseemly fight that has begun among their heirs.Household names as varied as John Lennon, Martin Luther King, James [...]

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Henson Trusts help testators support beneficiaries with disabilities

Testators who wish to support loved ones with disabilities after they’re gone should consider a Henson Trust. Income from this special type of testamentary trust – originally devised for the protection of bequests made to children with special needs – is exempt from the strict $40,000 asset limit for recipients of benefits Ontario Disability Support [...]

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When can I challenge a will?

Will challenges are not as easy as they look. U.K. news outlet The Independent reported on a study by a life insurance provider that found one in every five Britons, or more than 12 million people, would challenge a family member’s will if they were unhappy with their inheritance. The company’s analysis of local [...]

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