Executor’s role is no small job: Laredo

The role of an executor is to quarterback the assets of the deceased and it’s no small job, says Toronto lawyer, Lisa Laredo. But there is a prescribed process to follow to fulfil that obligation and ensuring the executor is prepared for the task ahead is as important as making the decision on who to [...]

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Legal agreements are a must in shared home ownership arrangements

Earlier this month, about two dozen Torontonians came together in a speed-dating type of event in search of a home ownership partner. These are people who may have sizeable down payments but, in today’s hot Toronto housing market, can’t make a go of it alone. What they each need is someone willing to share a [...]

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Shared Home Ownership (Podcast)

Shared Home Ownership (Part 2): Advice from a Real Estate Lawyer Part 2 of Shared Ownership is from a legal point of view. As housing prices in Toronto climb, we have to find creative solutions to home ownership. I’m a big advocate of friends buying houses together. https://www.spreaker.com/episode/11723901

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Title insurance: a primer for homeowners

Title insurance beats out solicitors' opinions for budget-conscious home buyers, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo tells AdvocateDaily.com. In fact, Laredo, principal of Laredo Law says in the hundreds of real estate deals she’s worked on, she has never been asked to give a solicitor’s opinion on the title of a property. “Title insurance is [...]

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Consider conveyance issues after death of property owner

From a real property law standpoint, many important aspects of conveyancing need to be addressed following the death of a registered owner, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredowrites in Lawyers Weekly. The first, explains Laredo, principal of Laredo Law, is joint tenancy. “In general, where two individuals hold title to real property as joint tenants, [...]

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Lender can rely on title register when mortgage not fraudulent

A recent Divisional Court decision that found a mortgage was not a fraudulent instrument allowed the lender to rely upon the state of the title register which showed no prior mortgages — resulting in the court overturning a prior decision over which the original/previous lender had the ‘first mortgage’ on a property, Toronto real estate [...]

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Check with condo board before decking halls

Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo advises condo owners to check with their boards on the guidelines for holiday adornments before stringing up lights and holiday decorations. Toronto has hundreds of high-rise condominium complexes housing thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, and condominium corporations have to cater to all, making it impractical to acknowledge every [...]

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Focus: Case highlights negligent representation

A recent case demonstrates any breakdown in the five-way test required to establish negligent misrepresentation in real estate transactions will result in a failed claim. In Drolet v ReMax Riverview Realty, plaintiff Jean-Sebastien Drolet sought compensation from the real estate agent for money the plaintiff spent preparing a piece of property for the development of [...]

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Honesty key when defending negligent misrepresentation claim

Although a recent case shows that any breakdown in the test required to establish negligent misrepresentation in a real estate transaction will result in a failed claim, honesty is still the best policy when it comes to defending this type of accusation, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo tells Law Times. As the article notes, [...]

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Buying a freehold or condo checklist

Here is a list of things that should be included in your contract of services to be performed by your lawyer when you make condominium or freehold home purchases: Review executed agreement of purchase and sale. Drawing or negotiating agreements or other negotiating will involve an additional fee, Investigate title, make requisitions on title and [...]

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