Do You Need a Life Insurance Trust?

Answering the question of whether you need a life insurance trust first requires an explanation of what it is. A life insurance trust is a trust established by the settlor to deal with the life insurance proceeds that are payable upon his or her death. It ensures that the money from a life insurance claim [...]

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5 Reasons You Need a Power of Attorney for Property

Power of Attorney (POA) documents are incredibly important. Without them, should you no longer be mentally or physically capable of making decisions on your own, the courts and/or governments determine what happens to you and your property, and who gets to make those decisions. In a previous post, we looked at the reasons for needing [...]

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Professional advice key when leaving gifts to charity

Testators should seek professional advice before leaving gifts to charity, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredotells “Before you do anything, I would recommend consulting a good accountant who understands tax and estate planning, and also to make sure you have a lawyer who can help you carry out your plan,” says Laredo, principal of Laredo Law. [...]

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Compensation not guaranteed for delayed occupancy

While the Tarion Warranty Corporation requires that a delayed occupancy warranty be attached to every agreement of purchase and sale of a newly constructed dwelling, the nature and extent of permissible delays vary depending on the facts of each individual case, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo writes in Lawyers Weekly. See full article at [...]

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Baradaran case reveals issues homebuyers may face

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently dismissed a lower court ruling that held a complainant to be a “vexatious litigant” and dismissed his action in Baradaran v. Tarion Warranty Corporation, 2014 ONCA 597 (CanLII). Manoucher Baradaran had purchased a new home in which he felt there were several defects that should have been covered by [...]

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