Controversial ruling in Spence unlikely to apply to many other estates cases

The court decision in Spence v. BMO Trust Company, 2015 ONSC 615 (CanLII) has led to concerns about court interference and uncertainty in estate planning. An Ontario court judge held a will to be invalid due to a perceived intolerance, based on witness testimony, that while the testator had in his will disinherited his daughter [...]

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Pros and cons of purchasing a new or resale condo

A recent Toronto Star article reports that more than 20,000 new condominium units were completed in Toronto in 2014, and that by the end of October, almost 19,000 new units were sold. This jump in new builds is a result of a number of factors, including rising costs in the housing market, the draw of [...]

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Airbnb can leave hosts open to legal action

Airbnb is a fairly new company, founded in 2008, that uses a social networking model to connect travellers with hosts willing to sublet space to them for a short period of time. Available spaces range from a room in a house or apartment, where the host may even cook you meals, to whole apartments or [...]

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In cases of dual agency, disclosure is key

If a real estate agent intends to act for both the buyer and the seller in a transaction, they must fully disclose the arrangement to all parties – or risk jeopardizing the deal, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo says in Law Times. In Partners Realty Ltd. v. Morrow, the Ontario Superior Court recently found the [...]

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