Wills + Estates

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Life is unpredictable, so plan for your future.

Don’t leave it to your grieving family to work out your affairs and final wishes. Regardless of your age, number of dependents or value of your assets, a will and succession plan ensure that your wishes will be honoured, your assets will be protected and the people you love will be taken care of.

At Laredo Law, we understand how important your final wishes are to you and we make sure that they are laid out exactly the way you want. We help you make the best decisions about your legacy and work with you to structure a comprehensive estate plan. We also advise on the necessity of having Powers of Attorneys and draft general, specific and complex powers.


Creation of Trusts


Tax Planning


Preparation of Wills


Preparation of Powers of Attorneys for Personal Care


Preparation of Powers of Attorneys for Property


Preparation of Certificate of Appointments and Probate of Estate


Succession Planning


Estate Planning and Administration

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Your home, your business and your legacy are the important pieces that make up your life. At Laredo Law, we understand how significant it all is and we’re dedicated to protecting and enhancing your most valuable assets.