5 more reasons you need to write a will now

January has come and gone but we’re still going on about the New Year’s resolution that should have been at the top of the list for at least half of Canadians — to write a will. And now that it’s February, it’s time to get on it, preferably before you take that next trip (March Break plans, anyone?).  There are numerous reasons you need to write a will.

Why? Because whether you’re a 20-something millennial who just ran a marathon, a dad with three kids or a 60-year-old grandmother who is ready to retire, you need a will.

Here are five more reasons you need to write a will now.

1. Plan your exit.

Although not legally binding, your will can outline your burial or cremation plans, your memorial service and even the music you want (or don’t want) played at it.

2. Disinherit anyone you want.

You decide who gets what and how much each person gets, which means you can choose to leave out anyone you want.

3. Donate to your favourite causes.

Want to give half of your estate to your favourite cat rescue shelter? You can only do so if it’s in your will.

4. Decide who will wind up your affairs.

Your executor has an important job; by writing a will, you get to choose the person you believe will be the most honest, trustworthy and organized.

5. Your family will thank you.

Losing someone is hard on those left behind. Without a will, your family will spend their grieving days drowning in bureaucracy.

Having a will is one of the three most important documents every single adult should have — the other two being a Power of Attorney for Property and a Power of Attorney for Personal Care. Because dying without a will is the safest way to ensure that you have absolutely no say whatsoever in what happens when you’re gone.