12 Reasons to get a Will and Power of Attorney

On the first day of Christmas, your favourite lawyer gave to you 12 reasons to get a Will and POA: 

  1. It’s never been easier: During the pandemic, Wills can even be witnessed online. 
  2. Take control: You decide who gets your property…and who doesn’t! Otherwise, it’s essentially the government who decides, via Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act. 
  3. It saves unnecessary heartache: Your surviving family and friends will have enough to worry about without the hassle of guessing at what you would have wanted to happen to your assets. 
  4. Save money: A lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary probate fees and minimize the tax burden on your estate. 
  5. Make a donation: Friends and family don’t have to be your only beneficiaries. Leave a legacy by donating to your favourite charity or other good causes.  
  6. It’s not as expensive as you think: Wills and POAs are some of the best value legal  documents around. Plus, at Lardeo Law, we’ll review your existing Will at no extra cost.  
  7. Blended families: Second or third marriages make for complicated family dynamics, but a Will can help let them know where they stand.  
  8. Reduce the chance of a legal dispute: There are fewer bigger wastes of time, effort and money than estate litigation, but a Will can cut out much of the uncertainty that causes  beneficiaries to clash.  
  9. Get your digital life in order: More and more of our lives are lived online, but many people forget that when it comes to estate planning. Not at Laredo Law, where we take clients through  a digital asset checklist to make sure everything is accounted for. 
  10. Decide your executor: A lawyer can help you select the best person for the crucial job of  administering your estate. 
  11. Major life events: Landmark moments like marriage, divorce, the birth of a child or a major change in net worth may change your priorities, meaning they’re the perfect time to make or update your Will.  
  12. Provide for your pets: Your furry family members will thank you for setting them up with a  new home in case the worst happens. 
  13. In case you did not get to your Will/POAs during Christmas, make this a New Year’s Resolution. 


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