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Real estate purchases are intricate and complex processes.

Hiring the right real estate lawyer could mean the difference between potentially costly in-process or post-closing disputes and an easy and trouble-free transaction.

At Laredo Law, we offer the sophisticated and innovative counsel you need for a smooth and easy real estate deal. We are not your everyday law firm. We tailor our services to your specific transaction and ensure that we examine, inquire about and investigate every detail. Our services cover everything from commercial transactions to family home purchases and sales, refinancing to public and private mortgages and residential leases to multi-residential purchases.


Status Certificate Review




Title Searches


Trust Agreements


Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Commercial and Residential Properties


Construction and Lease-Back Financing


Title Insurance and Compliance Certificates for Zoning-Fire-Tax


Commercial Leasing for Landlords and Tenants

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Your home, your business and your legacy are the important pieces that make up your life. At Laredo Law, we understand how significant it all is and we’re dedicated to protecting and enhancing your most valuable assets.